Delphi & Arachova

Tours in Delphi

At the foot of Mount Parnassos, lies the Pan-Hellenic sanctuary of Delphi, which was the most famous oracle of ancient Greece. Delphi was regarded as the centre of the world. According to mythology, it is here that the two eagles sent out by Zeus to find the navel of the world met. Delphi was for many centuries the cultural and religious centre of the Hellenic world and seat of the Pythian Games, the second most important games in Greece after the Olympics, which were held every four years.
In this tour we will visit all the sights in Delphi. You will pass by Castalia Spring, visit the archaeological site and see the Theatre, the Athenian Treasury, the Temple of Apollo famous for its oracle, the Navel of the Earth and the Museum of Delphi, with its spectacular finds, including the Naxian Sphinx, the unique bronze Charioteer and the Statue of Antinoos. Delphi is the one of the most important archeological sites in Greece and an Unesco’s world heritage monument.

Delphi Tours Highlights
-Delphi archaeological site
-Delphi Archaeological Museum
-Delphi Village
-Frieze of the Treasury of Sifnias
-Naxian Sphinx
-Metopes of the Athenian Treasury
-The famous Charioteer

Tours in Arachova

Arachova is a picturesque mountain village built on the south slopes of Parnassus, well known for its hand-woven carpets, rugs and quilts, as well as for its wine and cheese.
Arachova is a traditional village close to Delphi, mostly known as a winter destination. It gets very popular due to the Ski Centre of Parnassos that is found in close distance from the town. It is also a town with rich historical background and beautiful nature surrounding it. Not only the town itself has nice architecture, but the surrounding region is also nice for sightseeing. The most intriguing feature of Arachova is its stunning natural beauty, something that has made it one of the most popular resorts for Athenians to escape during the winter.
In this tour we will arrive in Arachova and you will meet the cosmopolitan atmosphere of the main street. Behind the flashy showcase you will discover a city that effectively resists in time and evolution.

Arachova Tours Highlights
-Picturesque village of Arachova
-Workshops and boutiques
-Delicious lunch at one of Arachova's traditional tavernas

A Unesco World Heritage Site, the site of the Delphic Oracle, the most famous and important of the Greek World dating to the ninth Century B.C .
Amongst an amazing hillside setting that is guaranteed to take your breath away, the area was also a major site for the worship of the God Apollo after he slew the Python, a deity who protected the navel of the earth or center of the world.
You will be amazed with the Roman Agora, the Sacred Way, the monuments of the Kings from Argos or Argive Kings, the Treasury of the Athenians,the Athenian Stoa,the Polygonal Wall, the Platea monument and the famous temple of Apollo where the oracle resided.
The third century theater above the temple is amazing as well as the lower slope of the mountain with the Tholos and Palestra where the athletes trained for the Pythian Games.

The picturesque village of Arachova (a winter resort for skiers) is where you can enjoy your lunch, coffee, drinks and shopping. Explore the cobble stone streets with many hidden gems. Workshops selling shoulder bags, carpets and long haired rugs (flokati) in eye catching colours as well as boutiques with designer clothes.
Activity level: Moderate
Duration: Full day
Type: Ancient History, Sightseeing, Walking, Full Day
Delphi Entrance Ticket: Full 6€, Reduced 3€
Special Ticket Package: Ful 9€, Reduced 5€

Free admission days : 6 March, 5 June , 18 April, 18 May, the last weekend of September annually, Sundays in the period between 1 November and 31 March, first Sunday of every month, except for July, August and September and on 27 September International Tourism Day.

Open daily: 8:00am to 7:00pm (last admission 6:30pm)

Closed on Holidays: Jan 1st, March 25th, May 1st, Oct 28th.
Christmas and Boxing Day: closed
Easter Sunday: closed
Good Friday: open from 12noon to 3:00pm.
Holy Saturday: open from 8:30am to 3:00pm
Easter Monday: open from 08:30am to 3:00pm.
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