private tour of saint theodora

PRIVATE TOUR OF saint Theodora

Agia Theodora of Vasta is a small Byzantine church and has 17 holly and maple trees growing from its roof. It is considered as one of the most beautiful and most unique churches in the world and has been registered in the Guinness Book as “miracle church”.
According to the local legend, Theodora lived in the 10th century in the town of Vasta. When the area was raided by bandits, she disguised herself as a man to join the defense. In the battle that followed she was fatally wounded, and just before her death asked God to change her body into a church, her hair into a forest, and her blood into the water that will feed the trees.
The villagers, moved by her bravery, built a church at her grave. Legend has it that a local river re-routed to pass directly under the church. Eventually, trees grew from the roof of the church. The site has become important for Greek Orthodox pilgrims and sightseeing visitors.
In this tour we are going to visit the St Theodora church and see the miracle that the church is famous about.

You will experience:
-St.Theodora church.
-Many tavernas amongst the forest green where you can enjoy lunch and refreshments like Nikola's Watermill ("NEROMILOS" ) Nikolas' Watermill, is one of the most elegant and tasteful travel stops throughout Greece operating for 28 whole years. The quality and the purity of its tastes are based on the traditional Greek cuisine. At a breathtaking landscape, the pleasant and easy environment has been perfectly combined with the traditional tastes offering unforgetable gastronomic experiences to travellers.